We have come a long way

Schelde Exotech is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of industrial equipment. In accordance with strict quality standards, we design, manufacture, test and service sophisticated products that match the exact requirements and specifications of our clients.

Artist impression new facilities
Artist impression new facilities
Airial View Schelde Exotech
Airial View Schelde Exotech

Schelde Exotech arose through mergers of the following companies: AKF Goes, Schelde Boiler Division and Schelde MT-Products. Thus combining the expertise of more than 100 years of pressure vessel design and building. The specific knowledge of these three companies enabled a wide range of customers to be established in the chemical and petrochemical industries, electrical power plants, fertilizer plants, uranium enrichment facilities and research institutes. And with our sister companies in the PTD-Group (Verolme, Nordic-Customs and Logan Industries) our expertise and product range has grown further.

During this time we focused on one thing alone: consistent quality. We have attained our current level of excellence by maximum service, skilled and motivated personnel, a well-equipped workshop and by the loyalty of a long list of contented customers.

This is how we did it all these years. So far, it has proven to be successful and together with our sister companies Verolme , Nordic-Customs and Logan Industries we believe that the best way forward is to proceed in exactly the same manner. We have come a long way and we intend to go on.

At Schelde Exotech:

  • We maintain an above average knowledge
  • We have all disciplines and knowledge in house
  • We can control the entire process from design to manufacture and installation
  • We fulfill our promises to the client
  • An agreement is an agreement, both internally and externally
  • We maintain a high level of training of our employees
  • We work continuously on improving processes
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