Partners to keep us sharp and smart

It is impossible to reach the highest level of technical perfection without the input and encouragement of a group of reliable and specialized partners. Schelde Exotech is very proud to be part of the PTD group and exchanges knowledge and experience in both directions.

PTD Worldwide
PTD Worldwide

Pressure Thermal Dynamics is parent company of Verolme, Schelde Exotech, Logan Industries International, and Nordic Custom.

Verolme , located in the Netherlands, is world leader in manufacturing high-end process equipment. Verolme’s core expertise is building state-of-the-art heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors in the high temperature, high pressure, and high corrosion resistance area.

Logan Industries International Corporation, located in the USA, is a world-class machine repair, design, manufacture, and service company with a clean room for special alloy equipment. Logan serves as your application-specific, solutions-based Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), delivering innovative solutions backed by outstanding aftermarket repair, service, and support.

Nordic Custom , located in Estonia, is the newest member of the PTD-group. This company focuses on working with special and exotic materials. Nordic Custom also offers a wide range of welding techniques and materials to meet all customer requirements. The Nordic Custom team is committed to solve challenges in the most efficient way, enjoying the process and delivering with style.

Since 2019 Schelde Exotech is owned by PTD (Pressure Thermal Dynamics – Bencis).

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