Everything we need to be a full service partner

In order to be a full service partner to its clients, Schelde Exotech offers a range of competences and methods regarding the design and production of the items that leave our workshops. Different types of welding and cutting ensure that we can handle all materials in every shape and size. Two clean rooms guarantee production in accordance with strict quality standards.

Design according to your specs

Schelde Exotech can rely on a wide range of design experience for heat exchangers and other process equipment.

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We know everything about welding

We are fully conversant with all existing welding methods. When it comes to welding, Schelde Exotech has all the skills and equipment.

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The best choice for use in corrosive places

For tube-to-tube-sheet welding, Schelde Exotech often applies internal bore welding.

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Automatic tube to tubesheet welding

Automatic tube-to-tubesheet welding can increase the quality and speed of production of heat exchangers.

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Metals transformed into parts

Schelde Exotech has the tools to perform any kind of machining on metals, either for our own clients or for third parties.

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Large equipment made at the right spot

If big simply isn’t big enough for you: Schelde Exotech has ample room for Extra Large and the right location to match.

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