How we work and the industries we work with

At Schelde Exotech, every product or series we produce is a one off. We can only produce these items in the best possible way in close cooperation with the companies we work for. We feel privileged that many well-known companies have become loyal partners. During any job, our clients are closely involved in the process and they can rely on our promises at any stage of the production and at any level of the company. Most of our clients are active in the market for energy, nuclear energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, scientific research and particle physics.

Preferred Supplier and OEM

As a preferred supplier and OEM for DOW Chemical, Schelde Exotech delivered several complex pieces of Equipment for the largest chemical plant of the world.

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Two vacuum vessels ATLAS

Based on a design by Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), UK, Schelde Exotech manufactured under a NIKHEF contract two 500 m3 large vacuum vessels for the cryostats of the ATLAS End Cap Toroids.

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Working on prototypes for ASML

The best-known brand name in the market for the production of microchips invited Schelde Exotech to collaborate on the production of prototypes.

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Always a job to do for Shell

Both Shell Chemicals and the Shell refinery in Pernis work closely with Schelde Exotech on a regular basis.

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The complete program for Dow Chemical Company

DOW Chemical Company is a perfect example of a client for whom Schelde Exotech performs all available services.

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Special vessels in special materials for YARA

Extensive knowledge about special materials and the tools to machine them are indispensable assets when working for Yara. Our ability to handle oversized objects is particularly useful.

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