Special vessels in special materials for YARA

Extensive knowledge about special materials and the tools to machine them are indispensable assets when working for Yara. Our ability to handle oversized objects is particularly useful.

Heat ExchangerHeat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger with Steam DrumHeat Exchanger with Steam Drum

Yara International ASA is the world´s leading chemical company that converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers. The company specializes in fertilizers, but also produces urea, ammoniac, nitric acid and nitrate for other chemical companies. This type of process requires pressure vessels (coolers, towers, reactors, etc.) made from special materials. Schelde Exotech has provided them for Yara for over fifteen years.

On site and in our shops we perform repairs for YARA plants throughout Europe. We also design and fabricate new vessels and erect them at sites in Europe. The reactor with refractory in the picture below was built in our shop and erected at YARA Sluiskil. Other examples are repair of a big waste heat boiler (see picture) and shortening a titanium heat exchanger.