Corrosion Control Technology Alliance

01 August 2013

Schelde Exotech participates in Corrosion Control Technology Alliance

Schelde Exotech is now a full participant in the Corrosion Control Technology Alliance

With joining the alliance Schelde Exotech has now the possibility to offer their clients a more extensive scope in maintaining their equipment.

Due to the variety of corrosion types and potential causes, it is unrealistic to expect that one single party is able to assign all relevant process conditions and at the same time include all causes and appropriate solutions. This diversity requires the involvement of various specialists. But due to a lack of cooperation between these parties and exchange of expertise, the essential balance between the various activities is often missing. Such an approach is less efficient and it rarely leads to a structural solution. The Corrosion Control Technology Alliance is a Dutch-Belgian coalition of independent, reputable specialists. Together they develop a strategy, exchange expertise and work closely together during the executing phase for a constructive and effective solution to your corrosion problems.

For more information: Corrosion Control Technology Alliance

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