First offshore networking meeting a success

15 January 2016

Organised by Schelde Exotech and Zeeland Seaports

Zeeland Seaports is establishing a reputation in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind industries. The ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen are perfectly located for offshore activities as they are directly accessible from the North Sea.
The idea for an offshore networking meeting was born at the Offshore Energy exhibition in 2014, which Zeeland Seaports has attended for several years. During the 2014 exhibition, Schelde Exotech’s managing director Jos Mols was surprised by the large number of companies active in the province of Zeeland in the offshore industry. Schelde Exotech themselves is a supplier of specialised equipment for the process industry, petrochemical and increasingly offshore oil and gas sector with notable references such as Dow Benelux, Yara, Zeeland
Schelde Exotech joined forces with Zeeland Seaports for this year’s Offshore Energy exhibition and from this collaboration the idea was born to organise a networking event with the aim to strengthen the existing network, share knowledge of the market and discuss technical developments. Based on a shortlist of around 30 companies, the event saw 18 parties attend which is a positive outcome. Feedback from participants was very positive which is a clear indication that the Zeeland Seaports’ network meeting will become an annual event.

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