Internal Bore Welding also a Solution for Waste Heat Boilers

08 January 2016

Waste Heat Boiler 3DWaste Heat Boiler 3D

Waste Heat Boiler IBWWaste Heat Boiler IBW

Already many years, Schelde Exotech is a specialist with Internal Bore welding of tube-tubesheet welds for the chemical industry. An internal Bore tube-tubesheet weld is the solution when crevice corrosion can be a problem. Schelde Exotech is experienced with welding several alloys.
Two years ago we developed in-house our own internal bore weld for Waste Heat Boilers. Using this Internal Bore Weld on the inlet side extends the lifetime of the tube-tubesheet weld and thus reduces maintenance costs
Last year we successfully fabricated the first Waste Heat Boiler with the Internal Bore weld to be used on a refinery. This year we are re-tubing an existing WHB with introduction of the Internal Bore Weld.
Interested? Please ask us and we inform you about the advantages of Internal Bore Weld.

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