First Production welds with the Cladiator

23 March 2017

Cladiator weldingCladiator welding

Cladiator Close-UpCladiator Close-Up

Schelde Exotech welded the first production welds with an ID- Cladding welding station (Nicknamed: The Cladiator). This welding stations uses a GTAW-hotwire process with twin torches and is specially developed to clad Risers of F22 material internally with Inconel. (Hang-off stress joint as the top-riser connection). The new welding station can handle risers up to 19 meter with an ID of 170 mm and a weight up to 25 tons. The forgings are also PWHT at Schelde Exotech, using a specially designed PWHT oven. For more information contact us at