Vibratory Stress Relief – more then 15 years Experience

03 March 2017

Formula 62Formula 62

Schelde Exotech has more then 15 years experience using vibrations to stress relieve welded structures and machined fabrications. As a licensee holder of Formula 62 equipment for Benelux and France we gained our experience on various kind of structures welded by Schelde Exotech or clients like Mogema, FIB, Huisman, Flowserve, CNIM, Fives-Lille, etc. Besides performing stress relieving we also are distributor of the Formula 62 equipment.

The “Formula 62” process is a resonance based method of vibratory stress relief.
Vibratory stress relief is often referred to as VSR or, in it’s more generic form, also referred to as vibrational conditioning or vibratory weld conditioning (VWC). Work pieces are subjected to low frequency vibrations for a short period of time either during welding or after welding and at various times during machining to promote dimensional stability.
The process is quick, clean and very energy efficient. It is designed as a shop tool for use by your personnel and adaptable to most manufacturing environments. It is also portable for on site or field applications as well.

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