Schelde Exotech and Verolme® Special Equipment Join Forces

25 February 2019

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Moerdijk, Vlissingen, 21 February 2019

Schelde Exotech and Verolme® Special Equipment Join Forces

With the acquisition of all shares in Exotech Beheer, Schelde Exotech BV (Exotech), of Vlissingen (Netherlands) becomes a 100% subsidiary of Pressure Thermal Dynamics BV (PTD), the holding of Verolme® Special Equipment (Verolme) of Moerdijk (Netherlands) en Logan Industries, Hempstead (Texas, USA)

Both Exotech and Verolme are leading manufacturers of high-end Heat Exchangers, Vessels and Reactors for high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion environments. Exotech is a strong and reputable player in the petro-chemical and nuclear industries and Verolme is a market leader in the Marine Scrubber and Poly-Silica markets.

The combined expertise and production capacity in the manufacturing of high-end equipment for demanding industries and customers will render significant advantages for Exotech’s and Verolme’s customers.

Juul IJzermans, Verolme and PTD’s CEO adds: “Exotech joining our group means we significantly increase our in-house knowledge and production capabilities that will help us fulfil our strategic growth ambitions. Both Exotech and Verolme will continue to serve their respective customers at the highest possible quality levels. I look forward to working closely with Jos Mols, Willem Konings and their team.

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Additional Company and Contact Information

About Exotech

Exotech is a highly qualified and reliable manufacturer of industrial equipment. In accordance with strict quality standards, the design, manufacturing, testing and servicing of sophisticated products that match the exact requirements and specifications of clients is done in -house, including so called “clean room” production. Exotech has extensive experience in working with zirconium, titanium and nickel alloys.
For more information, please contact Jos Mols, Managing Director,
Tel: +31 (0)118 485 990, : or visit the website

About Verolme® Special Equipment

Verolme Special Equipment is a manufacturer of advanced and high quality Marine Scrubbers, Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers for high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion environments. Its customers are global players in the Oil & Gas, (petro)Chemical en Poly Silica industries. Verolme is also known for its capabilities to process zirconium, titanium en nickel alloys and is the global specialist 800H materials.

About Pressure Thermal Dynamics

Pressure Thermal Dynamics is the holding company of Verolme Special Equipment and Logan Industries to which it provides several management services. PTD is wholly owned by Bencis Capital Partners.

For more information please contact Juul IJzermans, CEO PTD and Verolme, Tel: +31 (0)88 0067400, : or visit the website

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