Solutions that match your needs

Schelde Exotech builds equipment, but thinks in solutions. This is why we offer our clients only the best there is in design approach, production technique and choice of materials. We design, manufacture and test a wide range of equipment, from the relatively modest to the highly complex. And we always do this with the same approach and consistent quality level.

We specialize in special products

Schelde Exotech feels at home in the field of complex engineering. The level of our skills and knowledge is beyond compare when it comes to special products.

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Internal Bore Welding – of Risers

Schelde Exotech and Scana Subsea have joined their forces and knowledge to bring ID-cladding up to the next level.

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Ready for maintenance and repairs

Repairs, Refurbishments & Replacements are an evident consequence of our comprehensive approach and to prevent downtime for our clients.

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Vacuum systems in various shapes and sizes

Schelde Exotech has manufactured numerous vacuum systems in different shapes, sizes and materials, in accordance with the requisite strength and pressure.

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Reactors designed for maximum output

Schelde Exotech has extensive experience in the mechanical design and fabrication of different types of reactors.

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Pressure vessels in all shapes and sizes

Schelde Exotech produces pressure vessels for clients in the chemical and petrochemical industries and for research institutes and power plants.

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Heat exchangers for every industry

Schelde Exotech has years of experience in the design and production of heat exchangers in various sizes and materials. Read more

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