Internal Bore Welding – of Risers

Schelde Exotech and Scana Subsea have joined their forces and knowledge to bring ID-cladding up to the next level.
Combining our many years of experience in special forgings, machining and weld overlay and using a specially developed internal bore cladding machine we can produce internally clad riser specialty joints up to a length of 19 meters and weight of 25 T

Cladiator weldingCladiator welding

Cladiator Close-UpCladiator Close-Up

Technical Possibilities
Lengths from 1 meter to 19meter
Internal Diameter: 170 – 500 mm (optional ID 130 mm)
Outer diameter: Flanged up to 1400 mm with overall diameters up to 600 mm depending on length to weight ratio
Weight: up to 25 T
Base Materials: Variety of Riser Forgings and Materials e.g F22; A707; F65.
Overlay materials: Corrosion Resistant Alloys including Inconel 625, capable of meeting the most stringent industry standards