Quality, Safety, Health and Environment

QSHE policy is paramount at Schelde Exotech. We firmly believe that striving for quality and safety in production and preventing damage to the environment are to the benefit of our company. The QSHE policy we have developed has become an integral part of our system and our daily performance. Every employee who works in the company, as well as the management that runs it, is conscious of his own responsibility when it comes to quality, safety, health and the environment.

Helium Leak Testing
Helium Leak Testing

QSHE at Schelde Exotech

We work according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PED (if applicable), ISO 45001 and safety, health and environment legislation in our current program of manufacturing industrial equipment and components in accordance with national and international codes (ASME, BS5500, RToD, AD-Merkblatter, EN 3834-2, etc.)

Schelde Exotech is committed

  • to prevent failure
  • to strive to continually improve the quality of business and products
  • to meet the requirements and expectations of the customer
  • to prevent personal injury
  • to care for the safety and health of third parties
  • to prevent material damage
  • to prevent and/or reduce damage to the environment
  • to strive to continually improve all aspects of safety, health, and the environment

If you need more information download our Management Statement or contact our CEO.

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